Pool Owners Are Falling Behind On Pool Maintenance During Drought

The prolonged drought and the high cost of water have many pool owners deferring regular pool maintenance to remove totally dissolved solids (TDS) from their pool water. In the past we used to be able to drain a pool every 3-5 years and take care of routine maintenance projects such as this one, but times have changed and water has become too expensive to continue this practice.

r2_water_testingPutting Off Maintenance Costs More In The Long Run

Acceptable total dissolved solids found in a healthy pool are generally at levels around 100-300 PPM (Parts per Million). However, as the drought continues, we are seeing pools that have TDS levels in upwards of 2,500 to 5,000 PPM. Prolonging “routine maintenance” causes:

  • Water chemistry and pH imbalances, staining, calcium and metal deposits that require costly repairs.
  • Pool equipment damage.
  • Interior finish damage.
  • The need for increased chemicals costs more money, and adds chlorine that may be toxic to the skin.
R2 Water Technologies Service:
  1. Current pool water is purified. In a 24 to 48 hour period, current pool water is cleaned and purified by running it through the R2 water technologies filtration system set up at your home. This process removes mineral deposits and other totally dissolved solids from the water. The cleaner, healthier/drinkable pool water requires less maintenance and fewer chemicals.
  2. Ease of Use. We bring our service truck to your pool. Essentially, your pool water is recycled.
  3. It costs less. Cleaner water is better for the environment and there is no need to drain the pool, refill it or incur replacement water costs.

R2 Water Technologies serves Santa Barbara and Ventura County. Avoid paying high water bills (and fines) and enjoy a healthy swimming pool.

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